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To improve your dating life and get better results with women. Thousands of men enjoy success by following our three simple steps:The Building of a Confident Man

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Success with the ladies is ranked third in most men's lives behind health and wealth. And yet few of us spend a dime on improving ourselves on this subject. AMAZING! 

We will spend $80 on a pair of jeans and yet if we spent $10.00 on the 2 books above, we change our lives and save thousands on the pursuit of women. 

Did you put a crown on your own tooth? Did you change your spark-plugs on your Lexus? No! So why would you go it alone with women when you have pros in the house? I know, it's like asking for directions. ASK for directions right here and you will get to where you want to be!

Thousands Read our Dating Advice, Join Us and See Why

Stop staying in on Saturday nights! Let us empower you in all facets of your dating life. This site will slap you in the face with a major dose of confidence. Here we go!

Snippets of Keys to Seduction Articles Above:

Older Men Dating Younger Women, Super Tip, You Need to Read This!
Come on face it, you would love to date a younger woman. Well if you have the energy and are willing to listen and adjust to what I have to say, than you can pull off this coveted feat!...Read My Super Tip...How To Get Your Ex Back

Broken Up? Learn How To Get Her Back
Stop crying over her, take action to get your ex back. 50,000 books sold says you can! That's better than house odds!...Read How To Get Her Back...

Approach Women Without Fear

Has this happened to you? Next to you at the coffee shop is a smoking hot girl. You're dying to say something, anything, but lack the balls. Men have three major problems...Read more...

Dating over 40, Getting Back on The Horse
Ah your golden years. Yeah right! This is when it gets good. Scratch that, this is when it gets great! Think about it, dating over 40 means your pool of women is vast. You now have confidence and at least some money. Let's bring it! Read more...

Questions to Ask a Girl
These questions will get her talking all about herself.
They are fun, interesting and personal. At the same time you will be getting to know her and all her quirky ways. Yikes!...Questions to Ask a Girl read more... 

Killer Dating Tips for Shy Guys,
How to overcome shyness is a common problem for shy guys. You are not alone. I suffered from shyness as kid and I know it can be quite painful. Now let's kick this self defeating behavior in the ass! Shy Guys read more...

Change Your Colors, Change Your Life - My Chameleon Theory
The ability to change your colors. How cool would that be? You're on the battlefield and you blend into your surroundings. That could save your life. Save your life in the dating scene by changing your colors...My Chameleon Theory. Women, and people for that matter, want to label us. It's human nature. Read more...

Older Men Dating Younger Women, Everything You Need to Know
"Act younger than your years, but don’t overdo it, while keeping the great traits of an older guy." I explain in depth what younger women want. You're gonna love this section! I indulge you on how the younger woman mind works. Then we will crush your competition by exploiting these facts with super tips that you just have to read... Powerful stuff! Read more...

Online Dating Tips for Men - Supercharged!
Want the best online dating book on the market? Online Dating Tips For Men

My results are from a 6 month session of an internet dating marathon. I stopped seeing all other women so I could focus my mojo on internet dating. Trust me, I needed the energy. Follow these tips from the pros and you will need an ice pack for weeks. Here are my results: Online for Men read more...

First Date Sex, Think Inside the Box
Guys, women want to know if a man can perform. Why should she wait 3 to 4 dates to find out that he’s hung like a squirrel and sucks in bed. These are modern times, old rules get broken. You don’t buy a car without a test drive! First Date Sex Tips read more...

Surviving Your First Date
Awesome, you got the date. You survived the first round at the charity event, or local bar. Time to make a memorable first date impression. Now let’s not screw it up. These are your first date tips for men. First Date Tips read more...

Alpha Male Traits, Get Some Here
Are you a wimp when dating women? Read this ebook>>Alpha Male Traits
Engage women with Alpha Male Traits! These traits consist of unpredictability, sense of humor and confidence. Grasp and practice these characteristics and you will have all the women you can handle. Alpha-read more...

Here are more up-to-date TREND SETTING articles loaded with proven secrets;

How To Ask A Girl Out, Our Three Steps To Her Saying YES!
Asking a girl out is nerve racking, let's face it. But these three small yet major dating tips will put you in the 90% success category. I know, I lost my beloved Jocelyn and I learned. How To Ask A Girl Out, read more...

Why Do Women Cheat, Stop The Cycle
Women stick to a pattern when they cheat. Learn to recognize this and stop it in it's tracks. Here we give you the facts and statistics to understand her patterns and win over your girl again. Cheating, read more...

Dating After Divorce, Oh La La
The sharks have stopped circling, the kids are visiting every other weekend and the smell of this woman is making the hairs on your neck start to tingle. Guess what? You're back.
Read Dating After Divorce...

Men Fashion Tips, Head To Toe, Buy them here
You don't need a trendy over priced store to screw you. You just need one nice outfit to wear on Saturday night. Here, we give you the Mens Graham Shirt, Mens Lucky Jeans, Casio G-Factor Watch and Kenneth Cole Shoes. One classy set of cool threads that will bury your competition and get the girls looking! Mens Fashion read more...

Dating Books For Men, Only The Best
These are the best dating books on the market. They have been proven and updated over time. Don't buy crap. My reputation of seven years will direct you to the BEST life changing, inexpensive ebooks on the market today. Dating Books For Men...

Dating Older Women Advice, We Got 'Em
Guys in their twenties or men in their forties need to know the nuances of dating older. These women are classy, sexy and sophisticated. Tattoos and canned pick-up lines aren't going to fly in this arena. Learn what to do and where to meet. Read More On Dating Older Women...

Getting Over A Break Up, This One Hits Home
We have all been there, recently for me. I like this page because my close friends gathered to put this one together from their hearts. We help you with the crying, the healing and the moving on. We also talk about the possibilities of winning her back. You'll like this, Getting Over A Break Up...

How To Pick Up Girls At The Beach
Haven't we all fantasized about this one? Thongs just give girls too much of an advantage. Plus there is always some pick up pro that can grab a girl every time. I have the answer to how it's done and it will surprise you. Get The Girl At The Beach...

How To Turn A Girl On, Interview with Mona from Canada
Learn the secrets from a beautiful woman. In this section women join us to weigh in on what REALLY turns them on. You will be amazed at what men think they know compared to what girls tell us. These interviews are real, amazing and very powerful. They are spoken from the heart. Don't miss what Mona has to say. Learn How To Turn A Girl On...

A Night With Me At Blue Martini, My Favorite Club
This is it guys, follow me as I take you play by play through a "live" night at Blue Martini, Boca Raton Florida. Learn it all in one sweet session of engaging women.

We scan for prospects, we look for positive body language, we approach women fearlessly, we cover VIP table service, engaging conversation with women, dancing and of course the close. One night, one session that will make you say, "Wow, I can do this too!" Read A Night At Blue Martini Exposed!

Learn Body Language Of Women
If you had a crystal ball and could predict an outcome would you use it? Damn straight you would! Here it is, BODY LANGUAGE. Why men approach  blind into the teeth of the tiger is beyond me. I can tell you your outcome because I know body language.

Just by learning and looking for my simple signals that girls give off, will give you the green or red light on that woman you desire so much.

Why get shot down by choosing door number one when it's door number two that will bring you success? Amazing how dumb we can be. Read everything here at Body Language Of Women...

Our dating tips displayed here are clear and concise, tailored for you, the guy who wants to step it up. No more saying, "If only I could approach that woman"

Dive in, super charge your love life and learn how to pick up and date beautiful women.

By reading this you'll:

The best dating advice comes from the guys who are successful in the game. The man with gorgeous women around him. The alpha dude that gets the girl of his choosing. The guy laughing, smiling, listening and asking smooth sincere questions.

He’s the one making eye contact, and dressed as well as anyone in the room. This is who you want to emulate. This is the guy to learn from. Let us share our secrets.

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