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Dating over 40, Get Ready!

 Dating Over 40

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Hundreds of our over 40 readers have improved with women by reading my 2 best sellers; Hook Line & Sink Her and The Building of a Confident Man This is not just a young man's sport!

Ah dating over 40, your golden years. Yeah right! This is when it gets good.

Scratch that, this is when it gets great!

Think about it, dating after 40 means your pool of women is huge.You now have confidence and at least some money. Life is good! And guys, the bar days are in the rear view. It's time to Join! Dating Over 40

We have a whole page dedicated to online dating tips for men to help you.

Huge pool of horny, wealthy women

Dating over 40? Awesome! Tons of women have come on the market. Their divorce is final and they haven’t gotten laid in months or even years.

You will be amazed how sexually aggressive they are. Also they have money, loads of it.

They got the house, the car, the dog and all of his pension fund.

This is great for you, the dating over 40 man. Money isn’t the issue anymore. Unlike dating in your twenties when 2 hot dogs put a hole in your wallet. Now the girl can pitch in.

Dates consist of travel, fine restaurants and museums.

And if you are that over 40 guy that got screwed by the divorce lawyer than it’s time to get it back.

Just hook up with some rich chick and milk her for what it’s worth! (Kidding, sort of)Dating Over 40

Get excited about dating over 40

Embrace this era. Don’t be timid. Make peace with your past and regroup, this is an amazing time in your life.

Think of it as round 2. Every date will be new and different and will add an element of excitement to your life.

An element that probably has been missing for a long time.

Prepare for dating women

It’s all here on this website, Keys To Seduction. Get in shape, buy new clothes and lose the mini van.

Throw out the old pictures and start taking new ones. Get your apartment ship shape cause you're going to have visitors. Read bachelor pad essentials.

Load up on condoms and wash your sheets.


Start thinking about the types of women you want to date. Don't just date any woman. You will be disappointed.

Are you an older man dating younger women? A younger guy dating multiple women?...  you decide, either way we got you covered!

Expand your social circles

Dating over 40 comes with some social challenges. You need new friends so join Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

Bars and clubs are not your mainstay anymore. You’re looking for charities, wine tasting, and singles events and adventures.

Meet people! and the women will come.

Order the most influential dating book for men to date. This ebook costs chump change and will give you the blueprint for your dating success over 40. 

Dating Over 40, Conclusion

Dating at 40 is round two of your life. This is when it gets good. Scratch that, this is when it gets great!

Think about it, your pool of women is huge. They are horny and wealthy. Get excited, prepare yourself, and expand your social circles. Dating over 40 - the world is your oyster!

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