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Older Men Dating Younger Women

What Younger Women Want

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 Older Men Dating Younger Women

We rank in the top 10 for "Dating Younger Women" in the world. Why? Because our advice works!  I say this not to brag but to convince you that I can get you dating hot younger women. Thousands of my readers have and this is how;

"Act younger than your years, but don’t overdo it, while still maintaining the great traits of an older guy."

Let's explain in depth what younger women want. You're gonna love this section.

Did you know that when men get married for the second time they marry, on average, 10 years younger? Of that 20% will marry 20 years younger... Interesting. Very interesting.

Is older men dating younger women socially acceptable? Location has a lot to do with it. I, for example, live in Boston Ma which is very conservative. Here, twenty year difference is frowned upon.

In South America, 20 year difference is the norm. The fact is there is a trend here of older men dating younger women and it’s here to stay.

The more socially acceptable it is the more often it will happen.

I myself caught the bug. After my break-up with a girl about my same age I started dating younger women. It was more by accident then on purpose.

I was acting like a goof ball having fun with my buds and I basically got noticed and got picked up by a younger woman.

Which in hind sight made me think, wow, here I was having fun being me, and instead of being pooh-poohed by an older, "mature woman" I’m being applauded by some young hottie.

Older men dating younger women

Dating younger women, at first, was awkward. But the more I dated the more it became evident that younger girls have a certain vibe which is extremely addictive.

And if you meet the right younger woman she can bring energy, excitement and a youthfulness to the party like you can’t believe. You feel younger and more vibrant.

"Being an older guy dating a younger woman will make your life a blast!"

Now let’s get into the nuts and bolts of older men dating younger women.

First, we need to understand younger women

Fact: There is a very high percentage of younger women that look for an older man for a partner or a hook up. This is why;

Many younger women mature faster than their male counterparts of the same age.

I see this over and over again. Now I’m not saying all, but many do. When I’m at an event, bar or club I look for these girls and they’re out there.

Younger women that date older men are at every venue. You need to find them and filter them out of the crowd.

A word of caution; also in that crowd are young girls that aren’t mature. These are the girls that are looking for that muscle bound, young, meat head in the corner. They will not like you!

If you get rejected, your body language of women skills need improving (another subject.) So grab your tail from between your legs, regroup, and try again.

Let me repeat myself, these young girls are out there and they want confident older men. I don’t care if you're at an A-list club in New York, or a beach in Saint Barts, younger women looking for older guys are there.

Traits that lure and trigger attraction in younger women are more likely to be found in older men. Alpha Male Traits like status, chivalry, leadership, mystery and confidence. These men are not influenced by what other people think about the "age gap."

I'm sure you have heard about Sugardaddie. You can bet I'm a member. If you are fairly affluent and want to date hot young chicks, than do it the easy way-Online! Check it out!

Older men dating younger women fact:

Younger women display lots of emotion in their lives and they are in less control. They can get attached very easily once they like you. Be aware of this.

Too much contact and you're gonna have a roommate with her own drawer full of tampons in your bathroom. I say twice a week contact, no more.

Now if your going to date that 25-year-old, get ready for drama and a lot of partying. You need to decide if you can handle this lifestyle. Can you?

It sounds great, but it's also a lot of work. Get used to sex twice a day, while you drive, and in public. You get my point. Isn’t life FUN!?

But remember with all this fun comes the times where you're staring at each other, hung over. The times when her little hissy fits will drive you crazy.

And trust me, the hissy fits come much more often and with less notice than her older counterparts.

Also, you'll be patronizing clubs and bars where younger dudes will be attempting to move in on your girl. Not a problem if you follow my dating tips for younger women, for she just wants you.

There will also be nights when you just want to watch Monday Night Football and you can't... Shots anyone??!!

Older Men Dating Younger Women, here’s how we play it

Chill dude, go with your game

Don’t get uptight because she’s young and beautiful, don’t be that weird old guy! Don’t set off her "he’s a sketch alarm."

Stay calm and go with your game. Laugh and use your sense of humor, listen to her but don’t be a wimp. Don’t compliment her or insult her. Tease her instead, like she’s your little sister.Older men dating younger women

Keep her guessing

Think of it this way, she wants to label you, it’s human nature, don’t let her! In fact make her think you're conservative, then dance on a chair.

Then, when she thinks you're wild and crazy, tell her about the Italian meal you cooked last night. Get it? Be a Chameleon.

It’s magic and it works.

These girls will say, "Wow he can dance and yet he opens the car door for me!" Use your mature superior traits to your advantage.

A younger girl is intrigued by a an older guy that has younger man traits. She can’t understand this!

This will drive her crazy with passion. She can’t define you. You’re an inverse ratio. You can pull an all-nighter but you wear a sports jacket. You do shots but you run your own business.

You get the idea.

If you act old, you will fuck up everything. If you act too young and don't display some mature traits, then you look stupid...

Fine line, my friend, fine line.

Older Men Dating Younger Women, You make the rules

You set the pace. You decide where to go, you decide what to do. Don’t let the girl lead, she doesn’t want to, nor does she have the experience.

Lead in a subtle way of course, this is an alpha male trait that she looks for. If this role reverses you're gonna have trouble.

Lead my friend, lead.

Jealousy, the useless emotion

If you are an older man dating a younger woman, never, never show jealousy.

It’s better to rid that emotion from your life anyway, but it's a must when dating younger women. Jealousy is a sign of low self esteem.

For example: You’re dating a young hottie and you go the men’s room, you come back and some dude is hitting on your chick.

You're pissed and want to kill him, right? WRONG. You should take this as a compliment as to how hot your girl is.

Say hi, introduce yourself and make it clear you're together. This shows the girl you are in control without drama... HUGE POINTS.

Of course, if he doesn’t leave, then you can kill him!

Remember this younger girl is with you because of your mature alpha male traits.

She gave up the young dude who cries, panics and wets himself in this situation.

She didn't saddle up with you to watch you get in a fist fight when some guy checks her out.

That guy was her young, jealous ex-boyfriend.

Older Men Dating Younger Women, Give her space

Younger women, in general, need more space. They have more friends, they tweet, they’re all over Facebook. Give them that space.

She probably already has an overbearing dad, she doesn’t want another one.

Also use this "space" as time to get your head back on straight after all the drama you've now been exposed to.

Younger women often have just "escaped" from over-protective parents, structured lives, and zippo freedom.

Be aloof

As an older man dating a younger woman, let her come to you. Don’t always be available. Don’t always tell her where you are or what you're doing.

I know this goes against our nature, but this rule must apply.

Younger girls need that challenge and being unavailable keeps her in check. She thinks, "Where is he? He must be out with other girls, I gotta try harder to keep him. God I love that dude."

My cat Gizmo tells the story. I approach him, he walks away. I ignore him, I can’t get him off my lap.

Same with younger women. Give her space, let her live her life, and make yourself scarce, and she’ll be all over you.

It's magic and it works.

Older Men Dating Younger Women, Realize it’s short term

I know, I know, you don’t want to hear this, but it’s not going to last.

She’s young, her emotions are changing every day, and her career is in flux. Her parents are controlling and her friends are highly influential.

Get over it! Enjoy this wonderful relationship as it happens and move on and do it again.

This is part of the older guy mentality that needs to be reconditioned if you’re going to date younger women.

Take advantage of this fling and make sure you get to know as many of her friends as possible. This will pay spades after you break up.

I can't tell you how many times I've hooked up with my ex-girlfriend's young hottie inner circle.

In my experience, I've always been the one to end the relationship because she was driving me crazy, not the other way around. You’ll find the same.

Oh, just so you know, she will be back. But be careful, this time she’ll be older, wiser and want to get married. Ugh!

Older Men Dating Younger Women, Don't Forget her Friends

Friends of your younger lady are very important! Win them over and you are in. In fact I've been in situations where I was not going to land the girl I wanted, so I quickly got in with her "less desirable" (fat) friend.

Often, after a few minutes, the hard work is over and my main target is reeled in. You see, your bogie doesn't always want to be picked up (directly) in front of her friends, so do the indirect pick up... Works like a charm.

The secret is to do this in a way so it's not obvious. It may take a half an hour of including both younger women in your dialogue until you can concentrate on your main girl.

Don't forget when you go to the men's room the conversation is going to be all about you, so impress that friend.

Deal with drama

Stay calm, my friend, stay calm. Drama is a large part of a younger lady's life. It’s almost like they look for it. Listen and don’t try to fix the situation unless asked.

Don’t play Daddy here. Don’t take anything she says personal. This is not (or shouldn’t be) about you.

Here’s where I like to go aloof, but only after listening to her sound off.

Check on her the next day and ask her specific questions about yesterday's drama (her dog throwing up in her new shoes, hah!)

You’ll find things are better today.

Older Men Dating Younger Women, Be Chivalrous

In case we forgot, the definition of Chivalry is:

the combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight, especially courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and a readiness to help the weak. Courteous behavior, especially that of a man towards women.

Open her door, walk beside her closest to the curb and pull out her chair at dinner.

She will be amazed, remember you are probably the first person to this.

This is the older guy in you. It’s like the yin and yang. Except it’s older traits and younger traits all woven together.

Dating Younger Women, Conclusion

This is a prime topic to many men and one of my favorites.

Older men dating younger women is worthy of many pages. To me, dating a hot younger girl is the epitome of living life large.

There are very few experiences in life that rank with the excitement that dating younger women bring.

We got the pages! So read on and enjoy.

Now you know how it's played!

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