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Dating Older Women Advice 

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Dating older women comes with its own set of challenges just like any  relationship. As a younger man it's important to remember not to be clingy.

 How To Date Older Women >>>>  

This is an excellent book written by Andrew Dolan that covers this topic in great detail...if older gals are your quest I would strongly recommend this read.

An older woman might have an established career or kids. She needs her space just like you do, maybe even more.

Just because she is a Mom, don't treat her like one. She is your girl.

Often times younger men get this confused and start looking for the mother traits they miss or never had. Don't make this mistake.

Where to meet older women, Get out there

An older woman isn’t going to show up knocking on your door. Now I realize that our choices of singles spots for older women are limited.. So join a singles events club in your area.

This yields huge advantages. Older women join because they have no husband or boyfriend. They are there because they want to meet someone and at least give a new man a try.

You’ll find the ratios are in a guys favor, unlike online dating where women are vastly out numbered by men. Remember too, bars have lots of girls that are just out to have a drink (on your dime) and have men waiting at home.

Get passionate about dating older women

I don’t care what it is or if no one cares. We need to give a crap about something. Politics, saving animals, or refurbishing antiques. This instills confidence in us.

Older women are attractive to a guy that is passionate about something in life. This means she will take interest in what you care about. This is a big difference and an advantage from dating younger women. Younger women care more about their own passions.

Older women do want the testosterone or the energy of a younger man. But if he shows her passion towards life, she will be forever turned on.

Passion drives people. When you are the expert in just one field, this gives you self-esteem and self-esteem is a magnet toward older women.

When I interview older hot gals this is what they say the most; "Show us some passion." This ranks far above how a guy looks. The "I need to date bad boy" days are waning in their eyes- They need a guy with conviction!

Stay Healthy - What will you look like in seven years?

Many older women keep themselves looking great. But how will you look? Older women want the younger man to look great, just as they do. Many younger guys forget this fact.

I’ll spare you the lecture. But if you want to be dating older women in five, ten and even twenty years you need to take care of yourself too.

Avoid the crap that packs on years to your life. Get fit, lay off the butts and keep impeccable hygiene. There is no reason why you can’t be attractive to women far in the future. Look at guys like Pierce Bronsan.

Dating Older Women Advice-Don’t assume she wants your sperm

Just because she is 38 years old doesn’t mean she needs to have a baby tomorrow. In fact many older women are just fine not to have kids at all.

I have met and dated some very cool girls in their late thirties that rivaled anything younger.

Furthermore, these older women have skill sets that have given them confidence along with some great attractive qualities not to be found in their younger counter parts.

Know Where You Stand

Are you a "boy toy" or is she comfortable bringing you around her friends? Some guys are ok with being the boy toy but others want more. This could take some time. Don't push it.

A guy must often prove himself before an older gal will flaunt him in front of her friends. Remember, society doesn't always approve of the cougar syndrome. This relationship is similar to the older man dating a younger women.

Walk the Line

If you can "walk the line" she will LOVE you

What do I mean? Bring to the table both sets of traits; Young and old. Often times an older woman will stay with a younger man just to fulfill what is missing in her life; Hot sex and maybe some youthful partying. 

If a guy can bring traits of older and younger and employ each at the proper time the results will be amazing...this is tough to do as many younger guys haven't got the maturity yet. 

Dating Older Women Advice, last Words

Dating older women advice includes getting out to the proper venues, bringing some passion, taking care of yourself, knowing where you stand, walking the line and losing the premise that all older women want a kid.

Apply these six strategies and dating older women will be fun and fulfilling!

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