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 Dating Over 40

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Here are tried and true dating tips for men dating after 40, over 50 and beyond. These tips will help the older guy who is a little less in tune with the dating scene.

The dinosaurs are extinct.

Kidding, but I state this for a reason. Don’t act like your old self.

Open your mind and don’t be bitter because your last relationship might of been a disaster.

Many men think they are "Mr. Know it all" when they first set out dating after 40. They are like a T Rex out there showing women how life should be. Wrong approach.

Finding a woman dating after 40 is a bit like finding a job. You need to work it everyday until you find that special lady.

Most of us know about 225 people. This means asking everyone you know if they have any single friends.

Not just girls but single guy friends too. Having a wing man can be a huge boost and make you engage in activities that you might otherwise miss.

Have your morning coffee at Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. Your odds of meeting women will increase 100% over sipping your coffee at home with fido.Dating After 40

Go online. AARP states that 40% of people on the internet are 55 or older. Try online dating for men if you like and don’t forget to embrace all the forums and chat rooms that are available.

Take a class. Dance classes are great. You will meet like minded people and you’ll improve yourself at the same time.

Join an organization. Religious groups, rotary clubs or participation at a local charity is a great way to meet people.

Don’t forget your reunions. All your ex girlfriends are now single. Go on Facebook and start chatting. These old ties are still strong.      

Singles events. In Boston, where I live, we have “Events and Adventures” and many other low key singles clubs. They plan something every week and every weekend.  Wine tasting, white water rafting, tennis, yoga and many more.

Business activities. I went to a “Live in Panama Conference” I love to surf and I love South American Women! I learned all about my future retirement haven and I met some really cool people.

Go shopping. Lots of singles are out and about shopping. Get out there and get some exposure. Read all my free stuff on this website and you will learn all about the approach and what exactly to say.

Join Senior Match if you are dating over 50. Senior Match is the perfect and safe online community for the senior citizens and old folks to interact and find exciting romances, warm companionship and more!

I hope these tips refreshed your mind a bit and given you some ideas for dating after 40, and over 50 dating.

And Remember, I’m dating after 40 too and I’m here to help you all the way. This website is designed for guys like you. Dig in and enjoy!

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